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www.avg.com/activate offers the AVG download platform to install AVG on multiple devices. AVG antivirus has the powerful shield of antivirus, which stops viruses and threats. It means if your computer has AVG software, then your data is safe from hackers and data stealers. You can download and install AVG from www.avg.com/activate site where you need to follow only three basic steps:

  1. Visit www.avg.com/activate , enter the code.
  2. Install the AVG software.
  3. Activate AVG.

AVG provides multiple products according to the user’s requirements, such as AVG business, AVG Internet Security, and AVG Ultimate. For the trial, AVG Free is also available. Before you install the AVG download, you must create an AVG login account and purchase a subscription of AVG. You can secure your computer from fake websites, hackers, spams, phishing emails, and many other malwares with AVG antivirus.


How do I activate AVG AntiVirus?

If you have downloaded the AVG setup from www.avg.com/activate and it couldn’t activate yet, then follow the below steps to Activate AVG. It can directly be activated at www.avg.com/activate by entering the code, but if you don’t want to visit the site, follow below:




  • Go to the AVG account and open MENU and then SETTINGS.
  • Open the MY AVG tab and tap on the SUBSCRIPTION button.
  • Now choose the ENTER A VALID ACTIVATION CODE tab.
  • Enter the AVG activation code here and click ENTER.
  • Activate the AVG subscription and setup.  


How do I reinstall AVG?

If you have installed AVG through www.avg.com/activate but having any error with the setup, then you must reinstall AVG. you have two options either remove the setup program and install again from www.avg.com/activation site or reinstall AVG from the downloaded file again.

Follow below steps to reinstall AVG:

  1. Go to the Start button and open the control panel.
  2. Open the programs and features, then select AVG.
  3. You can choose UNINSTALL or CHANGE. Enter your administrator password to complete the uninstallation.
  4. Restart the computer and go to C DRIVE, search the downloaded AVG file and delete it.
  5. Visit  www.avg.com/activate site, log in with AVG login account, and download the AVG software.
  6. Now, install the AVG by double-tapping the downloaded file and entering the keycode.
  7. Follow the complete installation, guided prompts, and FINISH the installation. 


How do I renew my AVG business license?

If the business license www.avg.com/activate has expired, then you may renew it in three ways including

1. Expiration email notification

When your license gets expired, you will get an email from AVG Technologies. Here you can click on RENEW NOW option and can renew the AVG business license.

2. Notification from AVG software

Before the expiration of AVG, you will get a notice on your computer. Here click on RENEW NOW and then CONTINUE button.

3. From AVG renewal center

Go to the AVG renewal center online, enter your keycode and submit it. They will provide you a new key; you need to complete the payment process and then renew the AVG business license.


AVG Download easy steps –  www.avg.com/activate | Install AVG Setup

Check the minimum system requirements and ensure that your system meets the prerequisites. Then follow the below steps:

  • Open the browser on your computer and go to www.avg.com/activate site.
  • Visit AVG MY ACCOUNT page and login with the AVG login account.
  • If you are a new user, then click on REGISTER and create a new AVG account then login.
  • Choose the subscribed AVG product at www.avg.com/activate page.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button below the AVG product.
  • Now, open the C drive or the folder where you saved the downloaded file.
  • Double-tap on the downloaded AVG file and start the installation.
  • Click RUN INSTALLATION and then enter the AVG unique license number.
  • Submit the activation code and proceed further.
  • Agree with the terms & conditions and then complete the installation process by following on-screen instructions.
  • Click on the FINISH button. 
  • You can activate the AVG from www.avg.com/activate by pasting the AVG activation code directly. 


Installing and activating the AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/activate will give you the option to protect multiple devices in one subscription. You will get Real-time security, viruses, and other threat protection, Family, and Internet protection with a powerful antivirus shield.